Colombiana – The Review

If you love generic action movies that lack any logic and coherence, Colombiana might be the right thing for you. If not, stay away from it.

Jumper Movie Review
27 Jul 2011   Reviews

Jumper Movie Review

Well, it’s not an epic waste of time.

Despicable Me … Not (Movie Review)


The Way Back a.k.a. The Bland Way Back (Movie Review)

After dismembering Tron Legacy and before continuing to work off my list of planned movie reviews it’s time again time to wander into the Obscure Movie Territory. This time it’s The Way Back, a survival movie directed by Peter Weir (Truman Show).

Tron Legacy: The Sequel Review

Amazing visual effects but a stupid plot. That’s the original Tron movie in a nutshell. But that didn’t prevent from Tron becoming one of the biggest nerdy sci fi cult movies ever. So after roundabout thirty years of standby Disney made the logical decision to reboot the franchise with Tron Legacy. Was the effort worth it?