I don’t know if it is common in the USA to dub an animated movie using stars who aren’t actors at the same time.

In Germany it is.

Today I watched a trailer for cars while I was waiting for my train and at the end it read “including the voices of Michael Schumacher and Kimmi ‘Sorry for Misspelling’ Raikönnen”.

Sooo, we have an animated feature made by Pixar. Ok.
We have voice actors. No problem. Someone nevertheless HAS to talk in it.
But these voice actors are in fact no actors. That’s bad.

I understand that today you have to make some interesting announcements to draw people but why on earth would someone risk the quality of the movie? Especially when those guys you use are no pros, who in fact never did something like acting or dubbing before?
During the last few days I was dubbing a CD for training use and I know that it is a lot of work where every tone, every small fraction of a pause counts. Even for a training CD. Now imagine that for an 3D animated movie in which the right emotion using the right voice is part of its success- or not.

But perhaps I am too concerned about quality and should just focus on marketing.

UPDATE 09/05:
Yesterday I had the chance to watch “Cars” thanks to the great guys at Pixar and/or disney who allowed my cinema to do a sneak preview.
To make a long story short: cool movie and the dubbing was not as bad as I expected it to be. In fact it was really good with some bad moments here and there. All the amateur dubbers like Schumacher had only cameos or played small roles. Nevertheless it was way to obvious who was a pro and who was not.
On the other hand: if most of those guys only had cameos- why the big fuss about it?

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