Here in Germany it seems we have a lack of good actors. Ok, besides the fact it seems we seem to lack good directors, producers and writers this is the most prominent or visible one.

During the last few years several comedies were created and published and many, if not all, had comedians in it. Comedies and comedians seems to be a really good combination at first sight but on second it is not.

The problem is not that those guys may be funny for some people. The problem is that they use their mannerism they developed on and for a stage in a movie. They therefore don’t in fact act but they are in a way themselves- the way we know them anyway. The only difference is the setting.

There sure are many people who don’t see any problem with it. But I do. It is the worst thing you can do, especially when the comedians you use are NOT funny. Even on stage. It is a big problem for a comedy if the thing you’d want to do most during watching it is to ***** them.

Or worse.

So what could be done? The first and perhaps really easy choice would be to start doing good movies who don’t need some B-Stars to drive its marketing.


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