24 Oct 2006   Reviews


Ok, I know the horror movie slasher genre.

I know it too well with all its formulas.

Nevertheless I love SEVERANCE although it uses exactly those formulas. For one it’s the bunch of rather interesting and fresh characters you find in here. Well, there is a blonde beauty but every other member of the cast is looking….normal. And in a normal age. You won’t see one 17 year old girl who is running away in a cheerleader uniform and for that alone I love this movie.

And then there is the really wicked fun. Most of the time you’ll see small jokes or funny moments. One for example is a scene in which the blonde beauty says she doesn’t want to eat anything since she isn’t hungry. The guys looks at her and when she starts to walk away, she reveals a bone model right behind her.

Of course there are much better jokes. But the timing in that one was just perfect. If I had to make a list I would say that some of the jokes are forgettable, most are good and some are simply great. This movie even has a joke which immediately jumped onto my personal Top10. For the curious ones I’ll say only one word: airplane. If you see it you know it and I hope you will have as much fun as I had. I was rolling in the theater seat with everyone else. Brilliant joke with a brilliant soundtrack.

But since this is a slasher movie there are of course scenes and moments who fit into this genre. This means gore, blood, horror by killing one after another of the group. Some scenes are really hard to take and some are of lighter nature though being bloody.

So is this movie for everyone? Absolutely not. You have to like those kind of movies and the really wicked fun as I do. If not, stay away. You won’t like it. Perhaps even hate it.

But if you are like me you might enjoy this cool slamedy (slasher comedy) as well as I did.


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