Monster movies besides of their trash quality have all one cool scene: the final revelation.
Most of the time it is the same: a group of heroes land somewhere for a research, a movie or something else. But they are or were not the first ones on the scene. Someone was here before and has been murdered by some horrible thing.

But we only saw a glimpse of it. A hand here, a foot there or footprints only. You know: something big and scary is out there. Hunting. Lurking and waiting in the shadows.

You sit in your chair and then there is it: the final revelation. We (the heroes and we) see the monster for the first time in its full beauty. Big, slimy or scary. Whatever it looks like doesn’t matter since we finally see it. Walking towards the heroes for the first or last open confrontation.

Man, I love those moments.

By the way: I want to try something like that in 3D. I have everything spot on in my mind. The only problem: getting it done perfectly.
Wish me luck!


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