A review of PULSE

by Gunther Heinrich, 21 Nov 2006 in Reviews

Stunning visuals, silly heroes. Great potential, bad execution.

I like J-Horror. The main reason is that they find interesting stories besides the “bad house gets evil”-plot or the “teenage girl gets sliced up”-story we all know so well. Japanese seem to tend to search for stories about small things from daily and normal life which are misused from the dead – or not so dead – which makes those kinds of movies interesting to me, as they explore more than often different themes. Of course the best example is “The Ring” or “Ringu” – in which a video cassette and serial letters get a whole new meaning and dimension.

Now, here is “Pulse”, a remake of the J-Horror ‘Kairo’ which deals with the Internet, WLan and mobiles, and how the ghosts are

Call me genius – I created a new word

by Gunther Heinrich, 3 Nov 2006 in Off-Topic

I just found out one really cool little thing on Google.

With my rant about the movie Severance I, in fact, created a new word. At least for Google. And this word is ‘slamedy’. My post is the first and only listing.
I can’t think of anything cooler than this at the moment.

It also shows that Google is rather fast to index my blog. This is another cool fact.

Oh boy. If you could see my smile you’d think I’ve gone crazy.