The Year 2007 of in Review

by Gunther Heinrich, 31 Dec 2007 in Off-Topic

Time is fleeting…madness takes control…

It is almost unbelievable how fast time is running and the 31st of December is everytime a nice reminder of this essential truth we all forget during other times. This also applies to this blog and this homepage in general.

This domain/webpage,, is now online for at least four to five years (I cannot remeber the exact date of registration anymore). And compared to the time it is amazing how few non-blog-related content I was able to upload to this site. As I was redesigning this site completely in August I went into me and thought about the reasons for he lack of updates. After some time I was able to spot the problem: it tried to add too sophisticated images and content in general.

Why movies never can be truly realistic

by Gunther Heinrich, 19 Dec 2007 in The Movie & Me

I still remember a discussion I had after we watched the Chinese movie “Hero” in a sneak preview. My friends and acquaintances were more or less all about one thing: the flying/weightless people. “What was that, for crying out loud?” “That was not realistic at all!”

My reaction? “Well, which movie is that anyway?”

Movies and my two levels of Realism

Although I couldn’t really proof my statement I nevertheless felt during that time that my feeling was nevertheless true. It was that feeling I had after watching hundreds if not thousands of movies and episodes. Nevertheless I couldn’t really pinpoint the reasons exactly.

Now after finishing the book “Story” by McKee I think I know why I couldn’t tell the reason at that time. It was because I now understand that all movies

After the analysis of the first 16 minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick this part continues the series by looking at the beginning of the second half of “The Dawn of Man” – the space waltz sequence that introduces us with the future.

(Note: All images are copyright Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) and used solely for the purpose of analyzing 2001.)

After the death of the ape in the first part of the movie, the bone-wielder thrusts its “tool” flying into the air. Exactly at that moment, Kubrick cuts to the future:

2001_0021.jpg 2001_0023.jpg

This “match” cut, which visually connects the first image with the later, is not without reason one of the most stated cuts in the history of film.

Aaaahhh. Those pop references in movies…

by Gunther Heinrich, 5 Dec 2007 in Animation

OK; before I can start writing anything else: Do you know what’s a twilight zone-esque moment when you are searching for “pop references in 3D movies”? When the first entry of the google results is your own blog…

And now a question directly related to this post: do you know how many pop references you witnessed in all those years you watched 3D animated movies? Whenever I ask myself this question I get the feeling that it must have been hundreds if not thousands of references.

Something for everybody?

Pop culture references in themselves are, of course, a nice and easy way to spice up a movie. Not only are those references completely unrelated to the story and don’t interfere with it (well, at least most of the times), they also give something

Do you knnow how much text you have to put onto a paper before it is ready to be filmed?

Robert McKee states in his book that, for a good writer and a good finished product, one has to write at least five times the amount of text, if not even ten times. Because otherwise, if the result you see in your draft is the first version with only some dialogue changes, you in fact have written nothing.

And I have to admit it: he is damn right!

In the last few days, besides the redesign works on my page and some other things, I could finish the writing of a short biography, or in Syd Fields words, the inner life of a character. But I didn’t write the biography of the small