Up to now I have watched hundreds of movies ending thousands ways with millions of last shots. But none of them can compare with the final shot of “2001 – A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick with the Watcher aka the baby.

You know, I love this movie with its silence and patience which is even more of a patience today if you watch todays sci-fi with its action, hunting, creaturing and so on. Everything about this movie is somehow special and the ending is of course one of it.

One day as I was watching this movie again it suddenly struck me, and I was ashamed for not noticing earlier: In the final shot the baby is watching Earth by slowly rotating. By this rotation its view slowly but surely shifts. It no longer seems to watch Earth. No. It seems to watch US, the viewers.

Is it aware of us? Is it noticing us or even seeing us? And if yes, is it trying to tell us something?

It is a fantastic shot also because MIGHT be coincidental. If you want to think it that way it is also great, but personally I don’t believe it since Kubrick was a master of nitpicking. Every detail has to be perfect. This also applied to each shot. To everything. So he absolutely knew what he was doing.

And I am sure he loved it.

The Watcher watches the watchers.

Man, can I it be any better?


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