Is there anything better to restart/reboot a long orphaned blog than a trailer competition for the movie ‘The Nines’? No!

I have to admit it. For about, well, at least 5 to 6 months I did NOTHING regarding this blog or my personal website. But it is not that I wouldn’t have liked to do or write something. The simple reason is that I simply didn’t have much time. But I hope that the time of electronic starvation is over. If you have visited my website in the last few days you already might have noticed the subtle changes I made *lol* in order to restart my webpage.

But how could I restart my blog? Was there a cool idea in my head? Not really, emptiness was everywhere. But there was no real reason for panicking because now I have something: the trailer competition of John Augusts movie The Nines. Though I visit the blog of John August on an almost daily basis (I need input for my own project (more on that in another post)) I only yesterday realized that there was a competition in which I could participate. With original Hollywood footage on my hard drive. Now how cool is that?

I immediately fired up the torrent-app-of-my-choice and downloaded the big ~600M of files. While my PC was working on its own I used the time I had and started to research some things about the movie and its plot details. Granted I haven’t seen the movie to date, so each bit of information was important. Don’t ask me why but while I was reading the various sources I remembered an old sound file I remixed of a soundtrack from which I immediately thought that this would fit perfectly.

So after the download finished I started editing. Although the beginning of the editing session was a little bit frustrating it was such a lot of fun! Awesome you could say. It was so refreshing to see something develop by my own hands and actions in such short time. And I am really proud of the result because it was in fact the first time I ever did a trailer cut. Up to now the only things I created were my short movies. This is not bad at all, but to create a trailer out of raw Hollywood camera material with the instructions of the director in some clips is still….awesome!

I don’t care if I am the only one who likes it and I don’t care if I win, because I had so much fun and created something I really like. Thank you very much, John August.

Oh yeah, and here it is: My small/little/humble/whatever entry for the trailer competition.


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