After reading my regular newpaper websites, I strolled around the net (or better: my well known bookmarks) and finally go to the blog of John K. There I not only noted but also read the very interesting (and in many ways insightful) post about flash vs. traditional animation vs asia.

Since I was hooked up I went to the original blog post and its discussion John K refers to and read it with its insightful and yet mildly controversial thoughts.

While reading the various pro and contra and in betweens regarding flash and traditional animation in the comments the post stirred, I came across a comment containing a link to the website of Adam Philips. Somehow I went with the flow and clicked it.

On this site I noted the 30 days : 30 shorts section on the top of the page. Before I knew it I was laughing tears because of some of the shorts.

Now try to imagine this “story” full of links and discussion 20 years in the past…


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