Time is fleeting…madness takes control…

It is almost unbelievable how fast time is running and the 31st of December is everytime a nice reminder of this essential truth we all forget during other times. This also applies to this blog and this homepage in general.


This domain/webpage, madmind.de, is now online for at least four to five years (I cannot remeber the exact date of registration anymore). And compared to the time it is amazing how few non-blog-related content I was able to upload to this site. As I was redesigning this site completely in August I went into me and thought about the reasons for he lack of updates. After some time I was able to spot the problem: it tried to add too sophisticated images and content in general. After this insight I started to grow smaller in terms of sophistication and now I upload more to more image categories than ever before (3D Sketches and Cover Design for example).

One personal lesson learned is that if you have a website, try to become better slowly but surely and set the level of quality high enough to do this but low enough to be not frustrated by your own goals. It is a hard lesson I had to learn but I think it was and is a good one.


As far as I remember I had two incarnations of a blog before I (re-)started with madBlog. The first blog dealt mainly with my personal ongoing 3D projects. While this might sound interesting it in fact wasn’t. Most of my post had a “moving points in space” approach and it is therefore no wonder, nobody came along. Frustration galore. The second one can still be found in the OLD POSTS-Section. This blog already started to be about movie, films and series but it still wasn’t something I was really content with – too many reviews.

As with madmind.de in general I also thought about my blog during the redesign process. What I came up with is the blog you are reading now. A blog about movies and animation. In the beginning I was still trying to find my own area or niche I could write in. This is obvious with posts like Should beginning Bloggers dupe its audience? or Why I love the Internet.

While I think that there will still be posts like them here and there I believe that I now have found my niche and are of interest I like to write about: movies of any kind and movie related things while not being a news blog or review oriented blog. But there was even more: the beginning of my 3D short movie project and the In-Depth Analysis Series of 2001. The beginning of two important projects in the last two months. Regular readers already know that both projects are still not finished and therefore will be a big part of the next year. My 3D short project will almost surely take the whole next year while the latter one should hopefully be finished around February.

Regarding visitors and hits madmind.de and madBlog look better than ever before. While the last years there weren’t many visitors this has changed radically in the last few months. Although the number of hits and regular readers (also via RSS) seems to be nothing much compared to some A-List Blogs with their tens of thousands of hits and readers I am really happy to see this site growing slowly but surely.

Therefore I want thank each and everyone who is reading and visiting this blog and site. And of course I want to thank those of you who are and were commenting in madBlog. I hope I will fulfill your expectations in the next year with writings about funny or important things in this blog, with new tutorials and 3D images on madmind.de and much more.

Thank you very much…

And a happy New Year!


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