Four days are a very long time if you think in electronics, computers and internets. And in this regard those four days are way too long for this blog and my writing habits. But this doesn’t mean I did nothing, quite the contrary.

In the last few days I worked on my general webpage, generating more than 30 new sites for my various 3D images (character, scenery, sketches) and 2D images (cover designs). Before that, when you clicked on an image, it was simply downloaded. Now you get the image with some additional information in a design that fits the overall look.

Regarding my 3D short movie project I am still on track and the fact that I kicked the backstory to where it belongs really helped me. Nevertheless I still have the feeling that forcing me to think about it at the moment won’t do any good. Therefore I have taken the last few days off (again) and did some other 3D related works, like creating a new 3D character image and working on a cartoony 3D image which develops quite nicely.

Regarding this blog, I am currently working on the 4th part of my 2001 analysis series while the dialogue adds a whole new level of thinking and possiblities. But there is more besides this, as I have some nice ideas for new posts; the list is growing.

Oh, by the way: not forcing yourself to work on something can help you tremendeously. I for one might have found The Idea for my story, and it might actually work. Of course I will wait for some days to cool down.

But if I still like it then…well…

Stay tuned!


  • Are you able to provide a link to the 2D and 3D projects you mention? I’m curious about how your work looks.


  • madmind

    That is no problem at all.
    For one, you can view most of my recently finished work here on this website.
    This page is the index page to the various gallery sections. You can also reach that page
    when you click on the link in the top bar navigation.

    Moreover, if you want you can go to my CGTalk Forum Thread in which you will see what I am currently working on.

    Regards, madmind.

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