(Warning: Spoilerific Post about THE ISLAND)

Besides the many things I have and want to do I yesterday took some of my precious time and watched Michael Bay’s THE ISLAND on TV. As some of my friends told me that this movie was not perfect at all it was at least some fun. In review I can say that the rating of 6.9 on IMDB is OK, although I would rank the movie around 6.5 or lower.

The reason for my rating are not the 3D special effects (which are over the top by the way) but rather the fact that the story contains some problematic ‘hiccups ‘.

Wrong Character Motivations in THE ISLAND

One thing that I particularly didn’t like was the missing or wrong motivation of the female protagonist, Jordan Two Delta. When the main protagonist Lincoln Six Echo discovers that the world he was living in is a lie and that everyone dies when he or she is the winner of the “lottery”, he decides to flee and to take this girl, who recently “won” the “lottery”, with him.

And this is moment, where the first big problem hits, since the motivations simply don’t work. Imagine you are told your whole life, that there is a wonderful island and only those who win can get there, you almost surely would believe it. As did Jordan Two Delta. Yet, when her friend suddenly bursts into her room and tells her to come with him, she doesn’t hesitate or falter. She simply follows him because he said “trust me”.

Of course, THE ISLAND is an action flick as the following hunt sequence proves, but I think that they missed a great opportunity here. As I have learned by reading books of screenwriting conflict is always a good thing which makes “life”/the plot more interesting. Hence, imagine that the two not only are hunt by the guards of the facility but moreover the girl simply doesn’t want to come along and constantly tries to get to the pursuers. This would have made this sequence much more intriguing and would have laid some solid foundations of her character growth. Furthermore – and more importantly – it would have added another level of conflict.

Disappearing Story Points

Another problem of the story I immediately noticed and didn’t like was the Act Two Ending/Climax (at least I think it was). It is the sequence (Spoiler Warning) when Lincoln Six Echo and seemingly Tom Lincoln decide to go to the mass media to make this killing public, as everyone is believing that their clones are brain dead.

Well, as expected, Tom Lincoln betrays his clone and another hunt ensues. But, after that, this story point has suddenly disappeared. Both characters suddenly talk about going back to rescue everybody else in the facility since they are due to be killed.

Now, although the development is quite OK, I have the feeling that it would have been far better, if they first again tried to go to the media. Or at least talk about it. Two or three sentences would have been enough I think. Like that they know nothing about the real world let alone the media. Or that they feel to know that nobody would believe them. Well, something like that. In any case it at least would have finished this element of the story line.

I believe that fixing those parts (and some other parts ^^) would have made an … well, acceptable movie really good.

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