Exactly one week ago I had an idea for my 3D short movie. An idea that seemed too good to be true because it almost fit everything (as you can read here).

Now this last week I had a bunch of other things to do (as also hinted by the lack of the newest 2001-Post) and I used this chance to let my feelings cool down towards this idea again – I let the initial hype go away.

And you know what? I still like the idea I had.

And you know what this means? I can finally move on! Well, not really, but I can go from the sketch phase of the story design to the actual story design process. In other words: I now can lay out all the major and minor actions of the character. Boy, you won’t believe how relieved I am. In the last few weeks I more and more had the fear that I am not good enough to be a writer or story-teller at all. But now, I have hope again.

Besides all the small and big things that I learned I now also know one thing: to tell a great story and to make a great movie is a damn hard business if you want to have more than just a few bucks on your bank account, if you strive for quality and emotion. I think in future I won’t be that harsh anymore (sorry, producers, if I ever were) when talking about a movie that has its problems. In a way I am now more or less at home in both sides: for one as a viewer/critic and for the other as a movie maker though only a minor/insignificant one.

So, if any critic reads this, here is my message to you: try to make your own movie with a great story and you know the bunch of problems each and anyone has to make his dream come true (except some studio productions made solely for money of course). As a result your reviews will not only say “Shit” but more “Well, it could have been better because of…” Your reviews will be constructive.

But that is another story about which I will surely write at another time. Now I’m finally going to move on with my 3D short movie project!

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