Four days and no posts about nothing

by Gunther Heinrich, 12 Jan 2008 in Off-Topic

Four days are a very long time if you think in electronics, computers and internets. And in this regard those four days are way too long for this blog and my writing habits. But this doesn’t mean I did nothing, quite the contrary.

In the last few days I worked on my general webpage, generating more than 30 new sites for my various 3D images (character, scenery, sketches) and 2D images (cover designs). Before that, when you clicked on an image, it was simply downloaded. Now you get the image with some additional information in a design that fits the overall look.

Regarding my 3D short movie project I am still on track and the fact that I kicked the backstory to where it belongs really helped me. Nevertheless I still

I don’t think that there are many people out there who in fact love Voice Over Narrations over everything else. Each film book I read dealt with this story device and in each one “complained” about it. And some movies even get their voice over narration cut out as in BLADE RUNNER.

Nevertheless you stumble over it again and again. I can understand why it is used but in my eyes it has some problems too big to be used at all.

The Beauty of Voice Over Narration

Let us be frank: a voice over narration is really easy to write (and perhaps to direct). The screenwriter doesn’t have to think very much about the visuals and can simply show one or many characters do unimportant stuff on screen while the narrator talks