Thanks to Kevin Koch and his blog post I not only got reminded of those various awards (BAFTA and Oscar anyone?) going on but he also delivered a list of all nominees this year. Of course I am talking about the animation categories at the moment. I sadly didn’t write anything about animation at all in the last few weeks (with the exception of my personal 3D short). So I take this good chance to, well, write something about the nominees and some that are missing.

Kevin already mentions it in his post but it is nevertheless interesting that each animated short is listed only once throughout the awards. I guess this is partly due to the politics and reasoning. One example is the short THE PEARCE SISTERS with its darker and slightly wicked story. After watching it I knew why it wasn’t on the Oscar’s list (besides the innumberable count of possible alternatives, of course).

For the rest I cannot say very much as I didn’t see them. By looking at the various images and trailers it seems that the shorts cover quite a spectrum. Not only storywise but also on a visual level.

In the feature category we more or less have our usual suspects with Ratatouille being on all three big awards, as well as…none else. Some other movies have a maximum of two entries (SURF’S UP, SIMPSONS). Although I really liked (perhaps even loved (still not sure about that)) Pixars latest 3D adventure I hope that the smaller and 2D animated film PERSEPOLIS will get one or two awards. This would not only give Hollywood perhaps some guts to do some more 2D in the future but also to do some more animated flicks that don’t aim for the children only.

It is also sad that there is no animated flick from good old anime master Japan. I watched some number of anime flicks in the last months and I have to say that compared to them almost everything animated in Hollywood doesn’t come even close to it. Be it on the story level or the visual level.

Just watch the opening credits of the anime movie PAPRIKA. In these two minutes they try and accomplish so much more than I have seen in the western animation industry in years. While we have talking animals and their standard story they try think of something new. You can also watch a short clip from TEKKONKINKREET to see the differences.

Oh man, I would be the happiest guy ever if they would start to make some small animated flicks aimed at adults and not children or “the family”. Animated movies that try to be more than just being funny. Pixar is truly on the right track. I get the feeling that they are one of the few trying that. But I also believe that there is enough money for some small budget projects (as I already wrote about in this post) that go for something completely different. I would gladly watch anything. It doesn’t have to be spectacular. In fact Iwould love it if some would try to go the 5CM PER SECOND way. A small story with breathtaking art about loneliness and the small yet constant struggles we sometimes face in real life.

Oh man, I am dreaming again…

Nevertheless, congratulations to everybody who worked on the nominees/winners. I am truly happy for you.

But be sure of one thing: I will contact you one day to help me promote my 3D short movie :)

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