One thing is for sure: the difference between Poster Art and Cover Art of the same movies most often cannot be bigger. While I often watch full of awe the things hanging down from the walls I am most often not amused by those “things” I see on many DVD Covers.

My personal “Cover of Hate” is the terrible DVD Cover Art for Matrix Revolutions which simply photoshops together all four different (and wonderful) single sheet posters (and is one reasons why I started to create some of my own poster/cover art of famous movies).

I can almost see the discussion going on for the DVD Cover Art of Matrix 3:

Manager 1: Well, well, we have a draw. Each poster got a vote. Now, what should we do?

Manager 2: Why don’t we put them on the cover all together? This way we can be sure to speak to all important demographics.

Manager 1: …Boy, you are a genius…

So, although beautiful DVD Covers are almost non-existent we have more than enough in our movie theater of choice. Hence it is the more sad to know that one of the great poster artists has passed away some days ago – John Alvin. Although you almost surely won’t know him by name you surely are knowing him by his art because we simply all know it. It’S legendary.

The great guys at Aint it cool have posted some kind of tribute post to John Alvin and it gets a warm recommendation by me. Also take your time and go to this site which has a Godzilla size amount of Poster Art from this guy.

What’s especially striking to me is the big difference between John Alvin’s Art for some Disney Movies and the better known versions of the various DVD Covers. Just compare Alvin’s take on Beauty and the Beast and the standard DVD cover art. They both essentially show the same situation yet the difference couldn’t be bigger than this.

Yeah, he was good.

Rest in Peace…

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