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It is almost impossible to believe but it seems that the AKIRA project is finally moving forward. According to the news bits of Hollywood Reporter and AintItCool News it seems that really big names are now attached to the project: Leonardo DiCaprio (who will play Kaneda, the gang leader) and Joseph Gordon Levitt (who will play Testuo, the one who freaks out).

But there is a small tidbit of information that really blew me out of my shoes: they will relocate the movie from the imaginary Neo Tokyo in Japan to New Manhattan in America (which was uilt by Japanese money).

While I can understand the need to switch the action to the western world I have some…fears that this move and the inherent complete change of politics might destroy the movie. You know, for me AKIRA plays in Neo Tokyo a big moloch you never saw before in which political fractions of the city and Japan fight for power.

Can the writer and the director save the mood, the atmosphere and everything else. I surely hope so. Let’s hope that those two guys are true fans of the manga and the anime. Because otherwise the chance of blowing this big thing up is scarily high.

If you want to get a small impression of Neo Tokyo:

By the way: I finally truly know Ruairi Robinson. He is the one who did the great 3D animated short movie 50 PERCENT GREY.Now that is something to dream about…Me as a director…Sometime…

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