Normally I should write something about the current status of my 3D short movie project but this is something I simply have to write about.

Moments ago I surfed the web and found a web page that showed both the German Covers of the movie “Gremlins 2”. And I simply couldn’t believe what I saw. After checking the English versions of the same movie it was clear: Warner has lost any sense of taste. At least regarding DVD Covers.

When you have the old VHS Version of the movie or have seen it a dozens of times you surely know the old and great cover:


Not much to say except: great idea and execution. It shows the essence of the movie. Now here is the new version:


Oookayyyyyyy. Of course they didn’t replace the cover completely (anyone who would do that should be fired). Yet it seems they didn’t like the old one either hence they decided to “spice” it up. Not only did they take the colors of the original one to their extremes which erases all subtleties and variations, no they also had to replace the original background and change the overall composition.

When you compare the new version with the old one you immediately see that the new background way too strongly draws attention to it. They also went berserk and added a silly lightning stroke to make it even more distracting. What’s also striking is the photo of a city landscape – which is a great idea because the foreground is still painted.

Another big problem due to the new background is the fact that the ash of the cigar is almost completely wiped out (white ash in front of a white building – who did this?). I had to look twice to see the ash again.

Oh, and I won’t start to talk about the new font design (*shudder*).

By the way, in terms of the ash itself I think that the following soundtrack cover version is extremely well done. Why couldn’t they go that way?


Although this version also lacks some of the color variations it is way better than the new one, perhaps even better than the original poster art as the contrast is wonderful which in terms enhances the use of light in the drawing exceptionally and draws the attention of the viewer to the right spots of the image.

Perhaps the result we have was due to marketing thinking or the like. I don’t know. The only thing I know for sure is that the times of well executed cover designs is mostly over.

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