Stupid German Movie Titles Reloaded

by Gunther Heinrich, 28 Mar 2008 in The Movie & Me

It is almost unbelievable how successful my post dealing with stupid German movie titles became. Well, at least my various tools I have installed for basic tracking tell me this. So, what could be better than build upon this success? You named it: nothing.

Hence, without much further ado I bring you a new part giving you some new stupid German movie titles. Because the ones I already posted are by far not the only ones.

Original Title: The Thing
Original Title in German: Das Ding
German Title: Das Ding aus einer anderen Welt
German Title in English: The thing from another world
Comment: Well, it seems that The Thing in German was not good enough. It seems that the studios thought about giving more information about things (no pun intended) we already knew.

It is OK to be stupid because I am the protagonist

by Gunther Heinrich, 25 Mar 2008 in Analyses

Did you ever watch a movie in which the main protagonist acted like a complete idiot for no apparent reason? If your answer is yes you must have watched a German comedy…

Sometimes I am really glad to be able to watch (major) Hollywood movies. Despite their lack of truly good stories lately they at least manage to create characters that are not complete idiots who would be better off dead. It is an accomplishment to be proud of. In comparison German screenwriter seem to lack everything of how to write a good character – at least in comedy movies.

Yesterday I watched a German comedy movie called HARDCOVER. It revolves around a writer of pulp crime stories who finally want to write something good and decides to investigate the real life

What is up with all those remakes?

by Gunther Heinrich, 23 Mar 2008 in Movie News The Movie & Me

Today I read this article about a FRIDAY THE 13THh revival and I immediately had to think about my old post again. Because some months ago I wrote some thoughts about remakes after hearing of the “revival” of METROPOLIS by Fritz Lang.

I am not quite sure how this remake will turn out but I start to get remake fatigue. Even more because it is very likely that for each remake created one good script a promising writer has created doesn’t. Of course a remake of a well-known franchise is an easy bet. But please, dear producers, don’t build your studio future around this business plan because it can backfire horribly when overdone.

And by the way: slowly but surely it starts to wreck

The last shot of MICHAEL CLAYTON

by Gunther Heinrich, 16 Mar 2008 in Analyses Reviews

It doesn’t happen very often that you can witness a wonderful if not ingenious moment in a movie. Yet sometimes you can. And those moments are sadly rare.

Today I watched the movie MICHAEAL CLAYTON with George Clooney playing an attorney who has to deal with a mental breakdown of a fellow attorney and slowly gets involved of a big case of lies and murderer.

Well, you can say many things about that movie, but two things are sure: firstly, this is not the regular attorney-gets-conscience-thriller-movie. And secondly the last ending shot of MICHAEL CLAYTON is pure genius.

At the end of the movie, George Clooney confronts the bad guy/girl with the fact that not only he is still living but also wants a big bribe to keep his mouth shut. The girl

High Art and Low Technology

by Gunther Heinrich, 9 Mar 2008 in Off-Topic

When you are living in the wonderful spheres of high art in any form you can expect some truly harsh landing in the cruel world of low technology.

Yesterday I finally started to finish a long-going project of mine, a THX spoof short which saw its birth three(!!) years ago. The idea to this short movie came to me when I could’t stand the original one anymore after weeks and weeks of the same THX trailer I had to sit through. No sooner said than done I began to work on it. Yet at that time I wanted to make a full short movie of about two minutes length only equipped with the opening joke. Since I couldn’t find anything else I stopped the project and finally forgot it. Yesterday I