Although one could get the opposite impression due to some “lack” of recent updates in this blog, I in fact have worked on my 3D short project. Really. Or better: tried to work on it because I didn’t solve anything. Besides some other unsoved “things”(don’t worry, will write about them) one is the fact that I am searching for an appropriate title for my 3D short.

My goal for this 3D short is to find a title that not only fits the mood but also nails it down. And of course it should be a title that is not used that much time on the internets so the “competition” is low. As you can see, this is quite a goal I set for myself.

Well, some might say, “For the heck of it, move on and try to find it later.” True, true. But two things stand against it: firstly I simply can’t stand to write “3D short movie” anymore because it feels so unconnected and boring. And secondly, a real title is in any way more awesome than “3D short movie” (*shudder*). I truly hope I find something like GHOSTBUSTERS or BIG. Which in a way tells everything one has to know about a movie. Or FALLEN ART. Boy, I love this title. It has a nice sound to it, but also nails this 3D short because it is about an insane guy who throws soldiers off a tower to create his movie. Truly fallen art.

I think I will go to sleep now because from the past I know that some of my best ideas float into my mind just before snorting away.

Genius title idea, here I come…

Photo: lagiuspo

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