When you are living in the wonderful spheres of high art in any form you can expect some truly harsh landing in the cruel world of low technology.

Yesterday I finally started to finish a long-going project of mine, a THX spoof short which saw its birth three(!!) years ago. The idea to this short movie came to me when I could’t stand the original one anymore after weeks and weeks of the same THX trailer I had to sit through. No sooner said than done I began to work on it. Yet at that time I wanted to make a full short movie of about two minutes length only equipped with the opening joke. Since I couldn’t find anything else I stopped the project and finally forgot it. Yesterday I remembered and with my additional wisdom I decided to use only this one joke.

Although most of the work went rather easy despite the fact I never did sound effects of that magnitude before, there was one glitch at the final step: encoding.

Boy, you most likely won’t believe how frustrating it is when you are finished with everything but the final result after encoding looks terrible or doesn’t work at all. The “funny” part is that the most advanced code in use today (H.264) went like a charm and the final result was perfect. What I am talking about is, well, MPEG.

Although I am the first one saying MPEG is the best supported standard it seems that MPEG hates me for that remark. In fact it despises me because I had to encode my 40 second short twenty times until I got what I wanted: a full resolution version with an adequate quality which plays on my media player. I still don’t know fully why it happened but my media player simply couldn’t play most of the files I gave it to feed. And since I have more than one computer (who doesn’t)  I checked whether it only was this particular player. Well, it was not.

So, when you are living in the high field of high art (screenwriting, movie making and the more) expect a harsh landing in the wet swamp of technology every now and then. And be prepared for it!


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