Epic Symmetrical Guessing

by Gunther Heinrich, 30 Apr 2008 in The Movie & Me

I almost pity the screenwriter of this flick.

Two days ago I went with my friends to my personal-movie-theater-of-choice(tm). Although our group was only half of the regular size we had a lot of fun. Of course, there was the movie, too.

This time we watched SHUTTER, an asia horror movie remake. As with almost all of these movies these days SHUTTER had a lot of potential, yet some problems here and there ruined the overall good impression (I like those psycho horror movies without much slashing).

The best part of the screening was around the 50 minute mark. It had not to do with the happenings in the movie, though, but in the theater itself. You know, Robert McKeee is absolutely right when he writes in STORY that the IQ of the

So, I finally, finally, [while (universe==exists) {system.out.println("finally, ") }; ] got a title for my 3D animated short movie (sorry, for the Java code snippet above, I couldn’t resist).

If you have missed my last post on that matter, the title I chose is:

A Robot’s Dream.

It was a long process for me to decide for this one but in review one with a satisfactory result because I got what I wanted. Hopefully…(you know, the skeptic in me won’t rest until I die)

You know, one thing that comes to my mind when I read this title out loud is, how obvious it is. There is no hidden poetry or something else in that matter that I got out of my sleeve. It is “simply” a title that fits. Of course, you cannot

So, as you have read, I finally found a title for my upcoming 3D animated short movie (Yay). But this was not enough for me.

Since naming a movie is somehow similar to naming a child (in the poetic sense) I decided to accompany this milestone with a new design. Not only for this blog, but also for my whole website. Which is somehow reasonable since both use the same design. Or to be more precise, this blog’s design is inherited by the main page design.

Well, whatever. Enough techy talk.

Although I have to admit that from a functional standpoint the visual update is no groundbreaking new ground in website design, I think it is by far better than the “old” one.

If you have followed madmind for some time you might have

A Robot’s Dream

More about the title search and the thoughts behind this the decision can be read in the next post.

There was something…

by Gunther Heinrich, 14 Apr 2008 in A Robot's Dream Scriptwriting

Ok. Yesterday and today was full of non-3D-short related work. In fact it as so much that I almost forgot to check my inner compass and The List to select an appropriate title.

In a way this is bad because the sooner I finally finish this task I finally can start to name everything on this blog accordingly and spread the word of mouth. Well, last but not least I finally can write “*insert title here*” instead of “3D short movie project”.

This situation is really starting to be a pain in the neck. It is a situation in which I could do something yet at the same time can’t because I decided to do it this way (title first, everything else afterwards). Yet I am also glad to go this way.