Today I finally, finally watched all teaser trailers for Pixars upcoming 3D movie called WALL E. Ok, who am I telling this as you all have watched it already. I know, I am a little bit behind. But this is no news to me.

Back to topic: judging by the first two teaser trailers released so far I certainly start to believe this movie could become Pixars best movie to date. The ideas shown in those two short “movies” are remarkable. The repairing of the Pixar Logo by Wall E. The fun stuff he does all the day. The hillarious and upbeat music which wonderfully contradicts the wasteland atmosphere we see. And the very robotic voice at the end.

The guys at Pixar certainly did their job.

The only small letdown on an atomic level (hence, really small. No Atom Bomb image here at work) is the third trailer they released because I got some”hey, we are funny” and “hey, we can render big sets” vibes. But I am not too concerned about this as they always went beyond this stuff.

Oh Dude. Slowly but surely I really want to work there. Working as a Director (me? at pixar? *rofl* (Note to me: stop dreaming, bastard)) of course would be a one way ticket to HeartAttackLand with the little help of StressBeyond 2000, your only true car on this planet. But I wouldn’t care. Because…

Imagine what you (that is to say I) could learn from those guys…

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