The weeks have passed. True. True. And I still have no title for my 3D short movie I could present you.

Well, frankly spoken, it is not that bad. In other words: I might have a title, but as in the past I still want to wait some time to be truly confident.

Some might think this is too much but I believe a title of something is its essence. A title most of the time is also something with which many people learn about a new movie or short – or any other product in that matter. But what makes a goood title?

I have thought about it during the weeks and I came up with a really short list – which nevertheless makes the task of naming extremely hard:

  • A title needs a good “sound” appeal
  • A title needs to tell something about the movie (charater, setting, theme etc.)
  • A title needs to raise curiosity

Although this list is really short I think it nicely covers all points/elements a title should contain to make it good (or above average).

The List in the real world of titles

So, to check whether this list is truly good or bullshit, the best way to do this is to compare the list with some well known titles and see how they score:

  • Ghostbusters
    • It has a nice sound to it
    • It tells something about the movie (a bunch of, well, ghostbusters)
    • Hell, yeah, it makes curious. Ghostbusters? Who is that? How can they do it? Are they crazy? etc etc
  • The Matrix
    • It has a nice sound to it
    • Those who watched the movie know that it tells something about the movie
    • This title also makes curious on many levels
  • Finding Nemo
    • Again, this one sound quite nice spoken out loudly
    • This title tells two things: there is someone named Nemo and someone wants to find him. Not bad for a title t tell that much
    • This one also raises the curiosity. Where is Nemo? Why is he lost? Did he run away?
  • The Shawshank Redemption
    • It sounds a little bit awkward
    • The only thing we get to know is the place called Shawshank but besides this the title is rather non-telling
    • It might make curious but the rather awkward sound and non-telling nature make this one hard
  • One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    • Too long, way too long
    • It tells us nothing about the movie
    • It raises curiosity but not towards the movie (“Who named this one?”)

The last one is a good example of how not to name a movie. For years after watching this one I wondered why the heck they used this title as there was no apparant reason for this action. A long time later I found out that they named it after the book title which “quoted” a part of a children’s song which is being used/sung/told in the book.

It is never good for a movie title to be that complex so you have to read background infos about it. And not many movies are that brilliant to overcome their bad titles.

By the way: I think my short list of good entitling works rather well at the moment. What do you think? Is something missing?

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