Although you might not believe me when I say/write this now, but I have constantly been thinking about a possible title for my upcoming 3D animated short movie. Besides the “awesome” amount of other work I had to do I thought about possibilities and found (n)one. Perhaps you once had a similar problem, like naming your child (dude, that one is hard) or are about “meet” this problem very soon.

When you are a genius you of course immediately find the Awesome Title or Name you were searching for (and your child won’t curse you for). If you are not, you most likely will have to rely on a list with ideas you write down as they fly through your head. If you are good, all titles you come up with deal with the movie (or the-thing-to-be-named) but have a distinct variety. If you are like me, you won’t.

Seriously. I just went over my list again and it is amazing how similar all those titles sound I have come up with. Imagine a 3D animated short that is about snow. The list I would have written would have these contestants:

White Snow, Cold Snow, The White on the Green, Hard Water, White Water, Frozen Mist, Silent Rain (Ok, THIS one is good).
I seriously hope I am not the only one with those problems. If so, it would be very embarrasing. And to be sure I truly hope this will never come to light…(…damn!!)

By the way: it IS possible that a good and perhaps even awesome title sneaks into your list of blandness, as you could witness above. It is possible. Yet, very unlikely at the same time. On the other hand…

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