Ok. Yesterday and today was full of non-3D-short related work. In fact it as so much that I almost forgot to check my inner compass and The List to select an appropriate title.

In a way this is bad because the sooner I finally finish this task I finally can start to name everything on this blog accordingly and spread the word of mouth. Well, last but not least I finally can write “*insert title here*” instead of “3D short movie project”.

This situation is really starting to be a pain in the neck. It is a situation in which I could do something yet at the same time can’t because I decided to do it this way (title first, everything else afterwards). Yet I am also glad to go this way. Having a good title for your project is something one shouldn’t underestimate. At least this is the way I think of this matter right know.

So, I am really glad that the possibilities are already down to a minor list of very few. And out of those I have a clear favorite at the moment. I only want to check my feeling toward The Special One, so I am not fooled by some sort of hype in my head.

Stay tuned. Because if everything turns out well…

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