So, I finally, finally, [while (universe==exists) {system.out.println("finally, ") }; ] got a title for my 3D animated short movie (sorry, for the Java code snippet above, I couldn’t resist).

If you have missed my last post on that matter, the title I chose is:

A Robot’s Dream.

It was a long process for me to decide for this one but in review one with a satisfactory result because I got what I wanted. Hopefully…(you know, the skeptic in me won’t rest until I die)

You know, one thing that comes to my mind when I read this title out loud is, how obvious it is. There is no hidden poetry or something else in that matter that I got out of my sleeve. It is “simply” a title that fits. Of course, you cannot know the obviousness, but believe me: when you watched it, you will think: fitting title.

Some might be upset because of this but I am not for one reason: I have read this kind of stories dozens of times in screenwriting books and tutorials/articles/blog posts. It is the curse of the-viewer-won’t-know-how-long-i-worked-on-that-one. It is the curse of the long and hard work to come up with something so good the audience will think: this was hard for you? come on…

You know, that kind of reaction. And starting today I belong to this group of creators/screenwriters and so on. A good feeling.

The title in detail

So, why did I chose this title and what were I thinking?

Of course, the title itself is rather short, 3 words to be precise (two when you don’t count the the’s, a’s, so’s etc’s etc).

So each word is important for the title. But before I dig into it, let me do the title check list I created some weeks ago, to see, whether my title is good or not:

  • does my title have a nice sound to it? At least I think it is
  • Does it tell something about the movie? Of course. It tells the main protagonist and the underlying reason for all his actions
  • Does the title raise curiosity? Yes.

Let me start digging into the 3 words here, by the last point of the list: curiosity.

One of the main reasons I chose this title is the fact, that the words robot and dream don’t fit completely. A robot is a robot. It is technology of which we currently know it cannot think or even dream. Perhaps it will be different in the future but today is today. Hence this is a nice contrast which hopefully raises some curiosity in the viewers mind.

For some time, I was thinking about using the word “wish” for my title, creating “A Robot’s Wish”. In a way this would have fit perfectly, too, since you can name its desire dream and wish. But I decided to go with the “bigger” one because the “size” of the wish doesn’t matter. The robot wants something so deeply that it doesn’t matter if it is walking or seeing the sun. It is his dream. A wish is something smaller and something you tell others (“I wish you were here..” – something like that). A dream is deeper, and bigger.

Another alterantive was “the” instead of “a” – creating “The Robot’s Dream”. I am not truly sure why I went with the “a” version but my feeling told me to use “a”, because “the” would have made the title too specific. And too important. My short movie is about a robot. Not the robot.

It will be interesting to see whether or not I like this title in the future, as I have now decided to go with this one. This was and is also one of the reasons it took soooooooooo long to publish it. I wanted to make sure I do not regret it two weeks later (as with my website designs).

Oh, by the way: it is almost beyond my grasp, but the domain was still availiable. Of course, it isn’t anymore.

Oh, by the way number 2: the term “a robot’s dream” currently gives me 246 results on google. So, not much competition on this one, and enough chances to book this term for my 3d animated short movie.

I think I’m going to watch some movies now to get inspiration.

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