I almost pity the screenwriter of this flick.

Two days ago I went with my friends to my personal-movie-theater-of-choice(tm). Although our group was only half of the regular size we had a lot of fun. Of course, there was the movie, too.

This time we watched SHUTTER, an asia horror movie remake. As with almost all of these movies these days SHUTTER had a lot of potential, yet some problems here and there ruined the overall good impression (I like those psycho horror movies without much slashing).

The best part of the screening was around the 50 minute mark. It had not to do with the happenings in the movie, though, but in the theater itself. You know, Robert McKeee is absolutely right when he writes in STORY that the IQ of the audience jumps 25 points as soon as it enters a movie theater. This time was not different.

So, imagine the scene: we (my group and me) are sitting in the theater, a bunch of five people. My friend marks the end of our group, I sit on the right chair next to him. On his left side is another group of poeple we didn’t know. They were some guys who seemed to love talking during movies (oh, boy how I hate that one). The rest is not important.

And now imagine this scene: just around the 50 minute mark (perhaps it was at the one hour mark), not only me, but also the dude sitting left to my friend said at the exact same time, with the exact speed and the same intonation those epic words:

“This guy will die.”

We didn’t know each other and we never talke to each other. Yet we were in total synchronicity. It was a truly awesome experience. And of course it was epic.

These kinds of things really happen only far and in between. So if you want to experience the same thing you have to go to the cinema for years. But it is worth it!

By the way: five minutes later this guy was dead.

It seems the screenwriter needs to learn something about the combined IQ of the movie audience…

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