To say I was working on “A Robot’s Dream” would be the same as to say that models look wonderful. A huge, and I mean HUGE, exaggeration.

Although I managed to find a cool idea for the story (this once in a while lucky ray of brilliance you mistake for talent) there are at least three other things stacked up in my queue right now – finding the appropriate genre for my short movie, for example.

But there is another thing that won’t let go of me since a long time: which way is the best to design, not write, your screenplay?

There are many ways to design, not write, you screenplay. You can write on cards, you can write on paper, you can write in you mind and so on. In essence

Number 100. Yay!

by Gunther Heinrich, 29 May 2008 in Off-Topic

This post marks the moment this blog goes from two digits to three digits in terms of numbers of posts.

If you think I use this once in a lifetime chance to write something epic you massively underestimate the human capability to waste his luck for nothing.

So, the only thing I have to say is


Two Trailers. Two Worlds. One Movie.

by Gunther Heinrich, 25 May 2008 in Movie News The Movie & Me

Some weeks ago I saw the American trailer for WANTED, starring Angelina Jolie. My original thought was in the line of “Bleh…!” Although the glimpse of action looked nice I hated the main story setup of a geeky looser coming into contact with a badass killer association.

And here’s the surprise: although the final result (the movie) is absolutely the same, the trailer workers in Russia managed to create something completely different out of it. I don’t understand one single word they say but in the Russian trailer I get the impression that this guy hates is job, hates his colleagues, hates his life and is in need for a change. And the change is coming. But there is more: this guy doesn’t run, this guy learns to stand


by Gunther Heinrich, 19 May 2008 in Reviews

I just returned from my favorite cinema of choice watching PROM NIGHT and…and I simply have to write this down immediately so I don’t explode while sleeping.

In short: this movie is bad. Not trashy bad but bad bad.

Brittany Snow plays a perfect Miss Teen you would imagine immediately as soon as I combine the words cute, nice, blond and chick. Up to this everything seems fine as Miss Virgin soon goes to the prom night of her high school. But of course she has a dark past: her parents were killed by Mr. Cliché Killer some years ago because he was stalker you don’t want in your neighborhood, and her teacher as far as I remember. Talk about paranoia. And you know what? Three days before this mentioned prom night

Writing a movie is cruel.

It is cruel when you are writing and apparently not writing. When you sit there and think about the basics. How should the script end? Which genre plays the movie in? Is the plot point good enough? How does the world function? Questions upon questions in this process called story design, the basis of everything.

Most of the time, the story doesn’t answer these questions. You are sitting in your dark and spacious room, hoping to find something. Waiting. Thinking. Moving ideas and story parts.

And then, way later, you will learn that these cruel times were not for nothing.

You lie in your bed, thinking about nothing in particular. Suddenly your brain, on its own, decides to start acting. In a split second it merges and compresses