Currently I am reading STORY by McKee for the n-th time and while I am searching for my brain so I can write something constructive (perhaps it is in the bar…) I present you something I stumbled across today: the music video to the song called FALLING DOWN. Sung by Scarlett Johansson. Yes, the actress!

Well, after watching this music video, I know two things for sure: 1. she can sing – somehow…in a way. And 2. I love this damn thing.

When you read comments about the new album you will note that many if not most of the super-duper music lovers hate it (as it seems because she IS no Whitney Houston or someone in that league). But in my eyes this fact is a) not important because of the simple fact that b) the producers and Johansson herself knew that from the start.

They didn’t create a sound in which her voice would be extremely dominant. They took her voice track and added it to a vast soundscape that is rough and beautiful at the same time. OK, her singing tends more to rough (and simple) – but it only enhances this certain mood of FALLING DOWN.

So, and when you’re currently asking yourself what the heck an album has to do with movies, here is the answer: when I first watched the music video to Falling Down I got heavy LOST IN TRANSLATION vibes. The shots out of the car window while Johansson is looking outside, a shooting of some kind (just like in LIT) and the more. Everything seems to be a parallel universe version of LOST IN TRANSLATION.

And it is a perfect fit.

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