Writing a movie is cruel.

It is cruel when you are writing and apparently not writing. When you sit there and think about the basics. How should the script end? Which genre plays the movie in? Is the plot point good enough? How does the world function? Questions upon questions in this process called story design, the basis of everything.

Most of the time, the story doesn’t answer these questions. You are sitting in your dark and spacious room, hoping to find something. Waiting. Thinking. Moving ideas and story parts.

And then, way later, you will learn that these cruel times were not for nothing.

You lie in your bed, thinking about nothing in particular. Suddenly your brain, on its own, decides to start acting. In a split second it merges and compresses all those hours of countless thinking into one idea, one scene or one image.

And you know, within another split second that you have found it. You will start smiling because you have found an idea, a scene or an image that adds another part to your story. Even more, it adds another layer, adds complexity and adds possibilities. It puts your work to a completely new level.

And in this moment you know one thing for sure:

Writing a movie is wonderful.

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