Since yesterday my mind is racing because of a paragraph in Robert McKee’s book STORY that deals with James Bond (and Rambo) and the reason for his massive success. One reason is the big insight I got of screenwriting, or to be more precise of character creation and the other one is a feeling that McKee indeed hit the spot, but on the same time missed some other ones:
“Compare that flat pattern to James Bond. Three seems to be the limit on Rambo’s, but there have been nearly twenty Bond films. Bond goes on and on because the world delights in the repeated revelation of a deep character that contradicts characterization. Bond enjoys playing the lounge lizard: Dressed in a tuxedo, he graces parties, a cocktail glass dangling from his

Did you ever notice that time flies on an amazing speed whenever you are drowning in work?

The last days were in a way truly frustrating. Not because of the other work I have to do (challenging but interesting would be the best way to describe it) but because of the missing time to sit down, think about the screenwriting book and its wisdom of words and get something started. Or continued. And as an added bonus I didn’t have the time or the energy to think about interesting topics I could write about. You know, that stuff you don’t read elsewhere.

Regarding A ROBOT’S DREAM and (its) storyI came to the conclusion that the next step in my 3D project must be to nail one elemental thing down: the genre.

It might

A Visual FALLING DOWN with Scarlett

by Gunther Heinrich, 4 May 2008 in The Movie & Me

Currently I am reading STORY by McKee for the n-th time and while I am searching for my brain so I can write something constructive (perhaps it is in the bar…) I present you something I stumbled across today: the music video to the song called FALLING DOWN. Sung by Scarlett Johansson. Yes, the actress!

Well, after watching this music video, I know two things for sure: 1. she can sing – somehow…in a way. And 2. I love this damn thing.

When you read comments about the new album you will note that many if not most of the super-duper music lovers hate it (as it seems because she IS no Whitney Houston or someone in that league). But in my eyes this fact is a) not important because of