It seems that Mr. MNS (M. Night Shyamalan) has lost his Mojo. If you call yourself a movie geek or someone who can read a newspaper or someone who can turn on his TV you know that Mr. Shyamalan has made a new movie called THE HAPPENING.

Well, judging by its title I never had high expectations. Because…come on…this is the most §$&%! non-translated title I stumbled across in a while. THE HAPPENING is as telling and interesting as MOMENT BY MOMENT, this pseudo-title a writer uses before he finally has found the true one. It is a non-title because in a good movie there will always be some kind of HAPPENING. On the other hand, both working titles were not better to begin with (GREEN PLANET and THE GREEN EFFECT).

So, as I have “predicted”, this title is a good indication for the overall quality of the movie. Some reviews on Aint It Cool News came in and none reads too enthusiastic. Moreover, a big newspaper in Germany – or at least the digital, hip edition of it has blew THE HAPPENING to little bits. Bad dialogue, bad acting, bad ending. Other reviews are not that kind either (ouch). In the end, it seems that Mr. M. Night Shyamalan has finally entered the realms of Roland Emmerich.

I cannot say anything about Mr. Shymalan’s movie at the moment as I haven’t seen it. Yet, it feels kinda sad but not surprising. I loved and still love his first movie THE SIXTH SENSE with its awesome ending. UNBREAKABLE was great too but as with this one each new movie afterwards was less good than its predecessor.

Did you see M. Night Shyamalans latest movie? What do you think?

Update: Well, after reading this article by Capone of Aint It Cool News about Shyamalans latest effort I think I will never watch this one.

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