Imagine a final scene in which the protagonist gives a ring to a lady laying in a hospital. A piano plays its nice music and the lady smiles. It is so cliché. But it has a nice feel to it. Now imagine the same scene with everything being the same – except for the present. This time our guy gives a gun instead of a ring. It completely changes the message of the scene although the acting, the pacing, the music and so on is the same.

Despite the missing updates in this electronic personal space of mine (aka blog) I worked on my 3D animated short movie “A Robot’s Dream”. But the reason for missing news is simple: the end of “A Robot’s Dream”. I know it is an old one in this project but for a long time I thought I cracked the code to move on. But as with everything I soon started to know one thing for sure: the end needs a serious rework – without being one. See the example at the beginning.

I know the outcome of my movie, this much I already know. I have the camera setups in my mind and I have the final closing image in my mind as if I was watching it on TV. Yet I still don’t know anything about the climatic action in the third act which defines the whole message of a movie.

So, as you can see I am currently in one of those times.

Let’s call it The Time of Road Runner.

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