The Reinvention of Madmind

by Gunther Heinrich, 31 Aug 2008 in Off-Topic

Imagine a shop. And you are standing in front of it. The windows are dusty and the teller, who sits in front, has seen way better days. The room inside is dark, some lights are off, many are flickering. The small amount of light hits not many or new products in display. It’s a rundown place, that’s for sure. But you enter the shop out of sheer curiosity. You are searching for something interesting. Then you notice am escalator. You take it down and after your ride down you can’t believe what you see: a well lit place filled with people and products. It’s almost a different world – which you almost missed.

And the name of the shop is

No, wait, that’s not completely true anymore. The name is the

I know, this sounds quit silly but I have seen far bigger corporations stumble into problems before than Dreamworks Animation. The reason I come up with this assumption is because I have noticed something unbelievable: a Photoshop Disaster. Made by Dreamworks. Or is it a (C)? I don’t know.

The movie I am talking about is the upcoming MONSTERS VS: ALIENS, due in 2009. For this seemingly interesting movie they started to create first promo materials – or better: one which they recycle many times.

Let’s dive into the world of business decisions and business processes and take a look at the promo poster:

Monsters Vs. Aliens Promo Poster

Simple, aedequate. Nothing spectacular.

And now, let’s take a look at a screenshot I took of

Real Life vs. A ROBOT’S DREAM

by Gunther Heinrich, 1 Aug 2008 in A Robot's Dream

Let’s check the time. Yes, okay, it has been a while since the last update. And hence, besides some shame on me, it is finally time to give a status report about A ROBOT’S DREAM, my precious little 3D animation project.

Real Life

I think everyone of you noticed some lack of new content regarding this movie project. The simple and harsh truth is that I didn’t continue because real life has struck me with work. During the last weeks I was constantly working on three college projects simultaneously. All three were big and all three included lots of writing. This resulted in some spare time which I could have used to work on my movie but in the end didn’t want to. After hours of writing bad stuff I mentally was