Let’s check the time. Yes, okay, it has been a while since the last update. And hence, besides some shame on me, it is finally time to give a status report about A ROBOT’S DREAM, my precious little 3D animation project.

Real Life

I think everyone of you noticed some lack of new content regarding this movie project. The simple and harsh truth is that I didn’t continue because real life has struck me with work. During the last weeks I was constantly working on three college projects simultaneously. All three were big and all three included lots of writing. This resulted in some spare time which I could have used to work on my movie but in the end didn’t want to. After hours of writing bad stuff I mentally was too exhausted to write even more stuff.


Funnily enough some of this lackluster of updates and progress is because there is apparently no progress. For weeks, no months, I am stuck in the outlining process – I try to find the story structure (what happens when, how does it end etc.). And this is frustrating me as hell.  I know that this is the worst thing that can happen to you but it happened.

So, why do I care so much for the story of my short movie and don’t move on? The reason is simple: because I am only one person working on this project. This means, that the results you will see can’t be anything near the professional visual quality you see everywhere else. And this means that I want to create a short movie that is able to move and to touch you. When in the end everything is finished and the dust has settled I want to read comments like “The visual quality is very good for a one man doing everything, but what blew me away was this wonderful story.” It is the most important asset I can throw into the ring and I won’t miss!

What will happen next? Well, in the next few days I have to continue working on those projects which have to be finished. And I have to reload my creative energy bar (which almost sounds like some strange candy). So, please expect some down time as I also find my inner writer.

(By the way: I have also started again to read tips about blog writing to serve you better in the future. Do you have any tips or wishes you want to see fulfilled? I’ll be happy to hear them.)

As a final gift to for the lack of updates I hereby present you a total and obvious xkcd ripoff showing you what I went through each day in the last weeks (hope you like it):

You suck! A total xkcd ripoff

I so hope Randall Munroe didn’t already do this one in his comics.

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