I know, this sounds quit silly but I have seen far bigger corporations stumble into problems before than Dreamworks Animation. The reason I come up with this assumption is because I have noticed something unbelievable: a Photoshop Disaster. Made by Dreamworks. Or is it a (C)? I don’t know.

The movie I am talking about is the upcoming MONSTERS VS: ALIENS, due in 2009. For this seemingly interesting movie they started to create first promo materials – or better: one which they recycle many times.

Let’s dive into the world of business decisions and business processes and take a look at the promo poster:

Monsters Vs. Aliens Promo Poster

Simple, aedequate. Nothing spectacular.

And now, let’s take a look at a screenshot I took of the website:

Monsters Vs. Aliens Website screenshot

Did you see it? If you look very closely take a fast look you will notice that strange pose of the girl. Of course, this is because the graphic designers didn’t get enough material to work with, so they used the promo poster. So fast, so bad. But here comes the bummer: would it have been that hard to keep her on the left side of the image? Not only would her arm not hang in the air but – more importantly – she would also hide that remaining shadow of her arm on the building? Or even better: would it have been that hard to render a completely new pose of her?

Gosh, Dreamworks Animation must be in a big pinch.

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