Imagine a shop. And you are standing in front of it. The windows are dusty and the teller, who sits in front, has seen way better days. The room inside is dark, some lights are off, many are flickering. The small amount of light hits not many or new products in display. It’s a rundown place, that’s for sure. But you enter the shop out of sheer curiosity. You are searching for something interesting. Then you notice am escalator. You take it down and after your ride down you can’t believe what you see: a well lit place filled with people and products. It’s almost a different world – which you almost missed.

And the name of the shop is

No, wait, that’s not completely true anymore. The name is the same. But the owner (me) finally got his ass together, moved the lower floor to the entrance and reworked his strategy.

When I look back to “ye olde times” it is almost too terrific to endure because I more or less had two worlds on this site. The first world was this blog here. Filled with posts and content, updated on a regular basis. Then there was the other world, the rest of my site with the homepage. It contained my best 3d images and 3d short movies but was presented in a gruesome way. The galleries not only had a cheap list of my images but also stupid one-liners aimed to be funny. God, I must have been drunk when I had this idea. Moreover, since it takes a long time to create an image there was really nothing going on. The homepage was deserted presenting only a small notice what the visitors can expect. Great thinking at its best I must say. But there was even more because I had two worlds with two distinct brands. One was madmind and the other madBlog. And to confuse visitors more I placed both names in the blog.

But this is all gone now. And as you can see, my writing about the biggest update ever was no joke. Since I don’t want to bore you to death, although I want to tell you what I did, I give you everything in a nice numbered list:

  1. First of all I moved the blog from the back to the front. Gone is the lonely homepage. Simultaneously I will remove the name madBlog and rebrand it under the site’s name: madmind. One to rule them all you could say.
  2. Originally I had two worlds on the technical side, too. While the blog worked with WordPress the rest was handmade coding. This is gone now. Everything is stored inside WordPress. The blog is the same, everything else are static pages.
  3. Although it is the first striking change I place it under number 3 because you can change it easily: the design. The old side was dark, full of visual overweight and uselessness. That is gone, as you can obviously see. I reduced everything to the extreme. Originally I created two very own designs but they were too “art” and “design” – which doesn’t fit for a 3D and movie blog. Because of that I took a theme and partly changed it to my vision.
  4. The galleries are completely revamped and for the first time really look cool.
  5. What in for the blog? Now, you can browse from within a post to the next ones, you see the most popular posts and latest comments. And you can keep track of the discussion. I removed the Digg this stuff and replaced it with Share this. One button for everything. Of course I did not delete Similar Posts plugin. On the technical side I have a better visual editor, the sitemap gets updates automatically and have an automated contact form. Akismet still protects everything and the All in One SEO pack will hopefully please search spiders in every way possible.

The reinvention of madmind took a long time but is finally finished. I hope you like the new look and style and I also hope this was the last time that I look at my site and decide to change everything. On the other hand:

Change is the only constant in the universe.

Do you like the new design? Are there any cool gadgets out there that I missed and would make your day as a reader better? Or did you find any bugs that I missed? I’d be glad to hear from you in the comments or via email.

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