Cinema is not truth 24 times a second, it is lies 24 times a second.

And James Cameron believes that by filming a lie in 3D it will become less a lie. Because we will be immerged into the scene. Because there is physical presence. Because there won’t be any cardboard sets anymore. Because the textural reality will support the narrative moment. And because we then will start to believe that what we see is real.

I’m sorry, but this is utter bullshit.

What we see and hear from James Cameron and everyone else is the same technical mumbo jumbo thinking George Lucas has shown in his latest abysmal Star wars installments – that by technical gimmicks the movie (and the story driving it) could be improved. Funnily enough James Cameron later in this interview in all honesty states that “from 300 to ATONEMENT I think how wonderful it would have been if shot in 3-D.” Well, 300 might not be the best example, since it is the best example of something so much a lie as a lie can be. And 3D would have changed nothing.

Of course, cinema (and the process of creating it) always was and always will be very technical. Cameras, lenses, lightning, cutting and so on. A movie in no way is like a painting for which a canvas and a brush with some color on it is enough. But this fact does not mean that the movie industry will end up in 3D.

Some in the net state that like sound and color, 3D will be the next thing as the movies always have tended to move towards reality. At first sight this argument seems pretty solid. But you can very well argue the other way round: movies were at the beginning a medium which moved away from reality. With no sound, color and by being flat movies were in many ways the total opposite of a theater experience. But the people at that time nevertheless went into movie theaters. Moreover, color and sound are not the best examples to support 3D. We humans are accustomed to a world with sound and color, hence a movie without color and without sound is a very big reduction. When we move the thinking to sound only I would say that 3D to movies is like 8.2 surround to sound. A movie without sound is in today’s world almost not impossible to think of. But I can very well live with a movie that presents its sound in Stereo.

So, is 3D really improving movies? I highly doubt it. 3D for me is a hype. 3D is something that the technical geeks love, but add nothing whatsoever that we would miss otherwise.

At least I never walked out of my movie theater of choice and thought “Oh man, this movie would have sucked less if they made it in 3D.”

Did you ever walk out of a movie and missed the third dimension or watched a 3D movie and sine then never want to watch something flat anymore? Feel free to tell us about it!


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  1. De toekomst van de bios is 3D - Frankwatching

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