One thing I dread the most for my finished 3D animated movie is the moment when someone tells me he doesn’t get it.

Although my previous five short movies didn’t have that goal today I want to make sure that A ROBOT’S DREAM is as clear as possible, leaving room for interpretation, yes, but not leaving someone with a big question mark floating above his head about what was going on visually.

Up to now I thought that this is a realistic goal. Hey, how hard can it be to create a movie that is crystal clear about what is going? Not hard at all I’d would have said up to yesterday – until I read a film review of WALL•E in a German online newspaper. And my world crumbled.

When even film critics don’t get it

Come on. How hard can it be to be a movie critic? When you take away all the fluff and art-talk there is not much you have to do: looking at a screen and understand what’s going on -at least on the action level of things (he did this, she went there and so on). Hence, movie critics should be pros beyond good and evil at grasping what is happening in a movie.

But it seems that even this is not possible for German movie critics. Spiegel Online, one of the biggest online newspapers in Germany, in that regard surpasses everything because in the movie review the author apparently watched WALL•E (my hunch was right) yet not only misplaces the story but also has an impression about Eve as wrong as it gets.

While the movie never clearly tells us, in which city WALL•E is set, we at least get a glimpse near the end, when the hyperjump goal is something that is not New York (screenshot will follow as soon as the DVD is released). OK, no biggie here – although embarrassing – but anyone could have made this mistake, because New York is almost every time the center of destruction. But later in his review this movie critic absolutely hits the low by writing that “when she [EVE] is aroused she atomizes everything in her way with laser rays.”

Ooookay. Since when was Eve aroused when she shoots at anything making a noise? How the critic came up with that one is beyond me. I think EVE never used her gun in a sexual aroused kind of way. Not even once. Oh boy…

This incidence, however, shows me that no matter how hard to try to write something as clear as possible, there is always someone who doesn’t get it.

By the way: whoever came up with the second title “Der letzte räumt die Erde auf” (“The last one cleans up Earth”) should be fired immediately (you can check out this and this post to see more stupid movie title “translations”).

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