Do you know someone who cannot decide on something and stick with it? And do you know what’s worse than that? A company that does the exact same thing.

I have to admit that I hate those moments when I ask someone about something and s/he simply cannot decide. Like where we should go for dinner. He starts to think for minutes, and finally says “to the Steak House”, only to change it seconds later to “the Pizzeria”, going through this loop until the food is served and the decision is final – although in the end he wished for everything, like a Steak Pizza Deluxe.

I really hate those moments, so it’s no wonder my personal volcano went off when I read the news that Universal will release FEARLESS with Jet Li in three different versions on a single Blu-Ray.

I don’t care if it’s to milk more money and I don’t care if they think it is great for movie geeks (those guys with the special Star Wars glitch). For me it is simply plain stupid because it shows indecisiveness and marketing thinking on an epic level.

Moreover it is a sign that Blu-Ray might finally kill the movie.

“Kill the movie?” Am I finally becoming crazy? Well, perhaps.

But what I mean in this context is that Blu-Ray is not killing movies in general but the movie, which means the one, definite movie. The first and final version. You know, the version the director (and the production studio) is most proud of. The version in which everything is shown, told and done. The version about which both partner say “We did our best to make it the best thing possible.” The version which you can watch in cinema without having to think “Is that all, or is there something added later on?”

Some years ago I bought the trilogy of Lord of the Ring and watched all making-ofs they could offer. In one of last ones for the third movie they filmed the crew burning all those unused reels. At that time I thought they were crazy.

Now I would do the same.

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