15 Oct 2008   Off-Topic

My mind on the run

  1. What is the best way to increase render times of a 3D image? You include volume rendering and let your machine enter digital oblivion to be never seen again. Dual Core? Quad Core? Doesn’t matter. Perhaps a 16 Core might help.
  2. 3D is in no way 2D. While the 2D animator has to fight the strokes, the 3D animator has to fight the (technical) content. Life is unfair and I should have went 2D.
  3. Comment spammers are stupid. Does anyone in the spamming business really believe that anyone would post a comment with 40 links? Perhaps this is the same reason for why they won’t stop it. Stupidity is a blessing.
  4. Is yellow a nice color for horror movies? Or horror images? Did anyone ever try rose?

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