In the last few weeks I was working on a massive upgrade of my PC’s. Although it cost me a fortune and an epic amount of nerves there is a side-effect for my 3D animated short A ROBOT’S DREAM I didn’t think of before. In fact it totally slipped my mind. It starts with four and ends with CPU…

Updates, nerves and chaos

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You know, I am a guy who likes to keep things steady. This goes especially for computers. My slogan was and will always be “Never change a running system!” My experiences with hardware and software problems of all kinds certainly proof this point, let alone the experiences of the last few days (I never had so many hardware failures and crashes, ever).

But this slogan is also a hindrance in terms of upgrades because I worked with good but increasingly old stuff while the amount of speed and storage certainly went up – and I totally missed that (not missed in terms of knowledge but missed in terms of usage).

Well, compared to The-Good-Old-Times (© Anyone Bitchy Corp.) the PCs today are……powerful.

Rendering and Pixels

This brings me right to A ROBOT’S DREAM: since the initial idea I was thinking of the technical process. How can I do this, how can I save time, heck, how can I even finish this? And so on. One aspect that always nagged me was rendering, or to be more precise, the final image resolution of A ROBOT’S DREAM.

Although I was and am quite sure that this 3d animated tale never ever will get a movie theater release, HD is constantly knocking on the door. And this is the exact moment the dilemma starts to shape because HD means a lot more pixels to be flushed through the CPU. In other words: rendering times explode.

So, “What should I do?” was a constant follower. Should I go for HD (720p) and increase render times at least by factor four or should I ignore it altogether?

2 x 2 = 4

Those questions bring me right back to the beginning: the nerve-wrecking upgrade of my PCs. You know, in all this constant chaos I ensued I never realized one elementary thing: I just upgraded my PCs with new hardware. And this fact finally sank in some minutes ago.

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor

I was sitting around, cursing my PCs until one thought crossed my wrecked mind: “Wait a minute…I upgraded my computers. As a result I now have two machines, each one having a Dual Core CPU…Hmmm…*think*….*smile*…”

In the past I used one computer for 3D rendering because the other one simply wasn’t worth it. Yet, the better one was not the best either, having only a Celeron as a working brain it. Now I have in fact four CPUs to use, the first step to a render farm. No Celeron but full blown 64bit processors. This means I just increased the power of my original machine four to six times, considering general improvements of everything.

And this means that I just threw all questions regarding rendering resolutions out of the window.

It is amazing that a side-effect (really, it started with a simple graphics card) can become such an awesome opportunity.

But it is getting even better: taking my personal project speed into account (seriously, how long can it take to write some tiny script?) I think the future will be bright and HD because when the 3D animation production of A ROBOT’S DREAM kicks off, 32 core CPUs will be normal, and I’ll be dead.

Did you upgrade your Computer recently just to discover some amazing opportunities?

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