90 seconds you will never forget

by Gunther Heinrich, 30 Nov 2008 in Fun iFound

Even the Chinese dictatorship cannot prevent bad taste. Or they simply don’t care as long as it’s about love.

Either way: thanks to their We-Don’t-Care-attitude you can now watch an epic Chinese love song you have never seen before. Be warned, though: I cannot guarantee your safety:

About Idiots

by Gunther Heinrich, 25 Nov 2008 in The Movie & Me

Death Race and a warning of stupidity

There were times when I suspected it and there were times when I believed. But there was never a time I was completely sure about it. Until now. Now I know it for sure that either the movie producers, the movie writing stuff, the market gurus from Hollywood or some other people else behind the scenes believe that I am an idiot.

Life really is the best source for writing

by Gunther Heinrich, 13 Nov 2008 in Creative

This title might sound like a bad joke at first because ideally, most movies are best written with real life in mind. Yet with all those bad romantic comedies with their massive amount if WTF-moments and bad horror movies it seems that many have forgotten this very obious rule.