This title might sound like a bad joke at first because ideally, most movies are best written with real life in mind. Yet with all those bad romantic comedies with their massive amount if WTF-moments and bad horror movies it seems that many have forgotten this very obious rule.

Well, to be frank, until some months ago i would have said, that besides George W. there might not be that many sources for script material – until one election debacle began its way here in a part of Germany.

Believe me, this story has everything: it has a politician named Andrea Ypsilanti who wants to be the prime minister of Hesse but lacks the overwhelming majority to do this. Hence, it has has months (nine, to be exact. NINE) of fighting over the votes in parliament. And it concludes with a big meltdown for Ypsilanti, who lost because of four voters dumping her – but who are in the same party as her (this sent shock waves throughout Germany).

But the best part is this: after being dumped she gave the job opportunity (they are doing re-elections) to a guy who to a small degree resembles Peter Griffin from FAMILY GUY (and many say, the German people don’t have an ounce of humor – or a sense of drama).

If some Hollywood writer is clever he would immediately start writing a movie telling this dramatic and funny story.

By the way: you can find a very good coverage of the final vote disaster (and the political reasons behind the end of her) on YouTube and a good overall coverage of the story on the Economist.

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