The Last Post

by Gunther Heinrich, 31 Dec 2008 in The Movie & Me

…of 2008.

You didn’t think I would stop now, would you?

Well, the year 2008 was quite interesting and sad at the same time. All the different Top Lists popping up everywhere remind me that another year has passed. But what a year it was.

The Neverending Search for Crap

by Gunther Heinrich, 29 Dec 2008 in iFound

Do you remember moments in the past when you were searching for some information but couldn’t find anything coming close? And do you wonder why I am writing about this? Well, before I give you the answer, let’s start with the search for information.

Top 10 Movies of 2008 I did not see

by Gunther Heinrich, 27 Dec 2008 in The Movie & Me

You know, there are tons of Top Tens of Those and Top Tens of Others. Even I cannot prevent this on my site all the time because it is nevertheless easy stuff to create. So, I hereby present you a list of various movies that pop up in almost every Top Ten list but which I did not see (in no particular order):

Merry Christmas with some Great Movies

by Gunther Heinrich, 24 Dec 2008 in The Movie & Me

Before I start with anything else I have to tell you one thing:

STAR WARS as a Chart

by Gunther Heinrich, 21 Dec 2008 in Fun

Sorry STAR WARS fans, I couldn’t resist…