You know, there are tons of Top Tens of Those and Top Tens of Others. Even I cannot prevent this on my site all the time because it is nevertheless easy stuff to create. So, I hereby present you a list of various movies that pop up in almost every Top Ten list but which I did not see (in no particular order):

  • The Wrestler

    the-wrestlerIt has been a lot of time since I last heard of Mickey Rourke. And as far as the movie goes, his latest performance seems to be quite remarkable. I really wish him the best for the future – but Wrestling movies are simply not my Genre, as are Sports movies in general. Perhaps I will have a soft spot in my heart sometime in the future. Rotten Tomatoes’ 98% is a strong hint in that direction…

  • Burn After Reading

    burn-after-readingTake the Coen Brothers for writing and mix it with a lot of famous actors for, well, acting. And you get this movie. This one looked quite promising from the tidbits I saw in the trailer as well as some marketing shit disguised as a “making-of”. Perhaps this was the problem: I cannot stand marketing disguised as serious stuff.

  • Waltz with Bashir

    waltz-with-bashirI Although I am a huge fan of (serious) animated movies and series I still am reluctant about this. Perhaps this was due to the scenes I saw in TV and the Internet. They were great and serious, but perhaps a little bit too serious with too ambitious dark images telling you that war is bad and everyone is suffering. Does this movie have lighter scenes? Nevertheless I intend to watch it in the future. As Persepolis.

  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    indiana-jonesThis movie is on this list because it was successful. And just because of that. You never, I repeat, never will be able to make me watch this shit. The lackluster reaction from fans and critics alike just prove me again that George Lucas should quit writing. He simply cannot write and his shit thinking ruined that movie for me. Do you have your refrigerator?

  • Milk

    milkFor some reason this totally went below my radar. And regarding the reviews this movie seems to be a top watch. This seems especially to be true since this movie is based on real events. Yet, I feel somehow reluctant to watch it. Biographical Dramas are good and all, but I always try to avoid them because they mostly tend to be long, boring or melodramatic. Perhaps I will watch it in the future.

  • Hancock

    hancockWill Smith playing a once shiny and now boozy superhero? Call me hooked. My mind was on the run. Would they spoof Superman and all the other good-for-nothing-guys? That would be cool. Then I read some reviews and found out that the movie in fact went into standard cliché superland. Call me not hooked. But it was successful. Strange world.

  • Quantum of Solace

    quantum-of-solaceI hereby admit it: I never watched a James Bond flick in a movie theater, and most likely I never will. I really don’t know why but I consider this franchise just worthy enough for an evening at home – but not at cinema. Although most of the reviews are positive I simply wait for the TV release. It’s simple as that. Oh, I almost forgot: the somehow silly title didn’t really help either.

  • Sex and the City

    sex-and-the-cityAnother entry because of the high box office. Enough said. I will never watch this condom commercial disguised as a movie. Certainly there are fans, but I am not. I never watched the series either, albeit being quite bold by talking about sex all the time – and shoes. Well, here is the main problem: I don’t really care for both most of the time – especially shoes. I buy them, I wear them, I throw them out. End of Line.

  • Slumdog Millionaire

    slumdog-millionaireAs I searched the net for list entries there was one movie that almost every time came up: Slumdog Millionaire. Well, what can I say? From what I read about the movie it seems to be one of the most touching and unusual tales of this year. Although this “Who wants to be a Millionaire”-stuff makes me shiver somehow I will definitely watch this one and I certainly hope they didn’t blow it.

  • Man on Wire

    man-on-wireSome months ago I saw a long review of this movie about a tightrope walk performed between the Twin Towers and I really liked what I saw. For reasons beyond me I totally forgot about it. Perhaps this was due to the total lack of anything coming close to be called “marketing”. I hate to admit it, but sometimes marketing is essential to at least remind a person that he wanted to watch it.

So, this is the list of all Top Ten movies of 2008 that I did not see. Totally the opposite of the usual standard crap and I really had fun with it, and some new movies to watch. The surprising fact is that I really had problems to fill the spots. It seems I watched almost all of the successful and good movies in this very good year for movie lovers. THE DARK KNIGHT, IRON MAN the crazy and stoned PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, the silly TROPIC THUNDER and so many more great movies were released this year that I am inclined to mark 2008 as the best since 2005 / 2006, if not longer.

Especially THE DARK KNIGHT fills my heart with hope, that in one or two years Hollywood will release more of those thought provoking but nevertheless big movies. And WALL E might be the start of 3D animated movies to become more than just silly comedies filled with ogres or animals and their standard messages of friendship and self confidence. I so hope it.

As I have already written: if everything turns out right, 2008 may be the turning point in both regards.

What do you think?


  • Not to sound condescending, but it wasn’t actually that brilliant. What top 10 list are you referring to? How was it compiled? Did fans do it or critics? I saw the film and while it was entertaining and MILES better than “The Happening,” it wasn’t THE BEST horror movie of 2008.


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