The Neverending Search for Crap

Do you remember moments in the past when you were searching for some information but couldn’t find anything coming close? And do you wonder why I am writing about this? Well, before I give you the answer, let’s start with the search for information.

When I search for information and don’t find anything I very often remember at least three statements from authors, and journalists alike, telling me that the internet is the perfect example of information overkill: the more is available and the more you can search the less you actually find. While this certainly is true it’s also very vague because, in many ways, there always was overkill. Think of the legendary library of Alexandria. I am sure they had the same problems.

Information Needs

A much more precise representation of this problem is a model used in knowledge management. This model distinguishes between three overlapping information areas.

The first area is your information need – or better: your subjective information need. This is what you think you need.

The second area is the objective information need. This is what you really need, or better: what is needed objectively. This is especially important when you are searching information for someone else.

And the last area is the one of available information (think of the internet as a living example):


As you can see, the tiny little red spot in the middle, in which all three circles overlap, is the final result you get. The way you search or other factors decide about the ratio of overlapping. Sometimes you can get the close to complete overlapping; sometimes they are even less overlapped than above.

In any way, a fracture of everything is the best you can get.

Information meets Science Fiction

Okay, so why do I write about all that stuff in this movie blog?

The reason is simple: although I am always on the lookout for moving crap/bad movies (subjective information need), it doesn’t mean it is always called, named, described or tagged as such by others (objective information need)…

Sometimes it is simply called “Turkish Star Wars”.

And when you know that (available information), a whole new world opens up before your eyes.

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