31 Dec 2008   The Movie & Me

The Last Post

…of 2008.

You didn’t think I would stop now, would you?

Well, the year 2008 was quite interesting and sad at the same time. All the different Top Lists popping up everywhere remind me that another year has passed. But what a year it was.

Barack Obama got elected as president (Yay for the future) and Hollywood started to spat out some simply amazing movies. DARK KNIGHT, WALL E are two examples only. They showed me that there might be a bright future ahead of us because almost all of the great movies were successful, too. If that isn’t a hint to Hollywood to finally start making good movies again.

The Dark Knight in TV size

On the other hand, DARK KNIGHT marks also a very sad moment because of the death of Heath Ledger. His performance was out of this world and it showed what a talented actor he was. Each time I see one of his movies in a TV magazine I start to miss him.

By the way with a big break: you can be proud of your US TV networks. In the US you get a bunch of great TV series each year. In contrast the highlight of German Television in 2008 was an old grumpy noble prize winner who refused to accept a rubbish TV trophy. But more about that in a later post.

Future Plans

In this regard, for 2009 I have several posts and ideas that will hopefully see the light of ray in the next weeks and months. For one I plan to start a series that analyses different aspects of the film market in general. This means that I will take a closer look to numbers and statistics. Currently I am working on such a post and there are already some surprises.

For the other I have a growing list of cool blog post outlines here on my hard drive that I will work on in 2009. I also plan to dive into the world of animation again – this time Japan animation.

I think 2009 will also be the year with the least numbers of redesigns – hopefully none. It took a long time to find the theme (meaning: a theme I like) so I think that this year I really can concentrate on writing awesome posts for you.

Thanks with a Dinner

What else can I say: I thank you very, very much for reading this blog. I know that some posts sucked the hell out of everything, but I believe that this was a necessary process to find my voice and the topics to write about. I hope you will stay in 2009 and have as much fun as I.

So, and for the last post in 2008 I have a small present for you: DINNER FOR ONE (the German Edition of 1963). Some of you might have heard of it. DINNER FOR ONE is a classic short movie that airs each New Year’s Eve in Germany in almost every TV station available.

DINNER FOR ONE is a simple story about an old lady celebrating her 90th birthday. But since all her friends are long gone, her butler has to take their place – and drink every glass of alcoholics each round. This short is simply amazing and the performances of Freddie Frinton as the butler are beyond anything. Many tried to imitate him, all have failed.

Have fun with it and see you in 2009…

Happy New Year!

(Jump to 2:40, the beginning is in German and mostly irrelevant)